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Ontario Works

328 Chippewa Rd.
Muncey, Ontario
N0L 1Y0

Tel: 519-289-5621         Fax: 519-289-3013

Jana Kechego Ontario Works Administrator 221
Kristen Hendrick Ontario Works Administrative Assistant 224
Megan Huff Income and Employment Caseworker 225
Elizabeth Grosbeck Income and Employment Caseworker 223
Jaynee Fisher ARF Coordinator 226-378-4264
Tracy French Community Relations Office Support Worker

Who can received Ontario Works?

How to apply for Ontario Works?
1. Contact Chippewas of the Thames Ontario Works office by phone at 519-289-5621

2 .Contact a caseworker to book an appointment.  Your caseworker will be your worker by your last name as follows;
–  Kristen Hendrick – A & B, S & Y
–  Megan Huff – D – Hend
–  Elizabeth Grosbeck – Henr – R
–  Jana Kechego – Temporary Care Assistance

What do you need to bring with to your appointment?
1.  Anyone that you would like to bring with you
2   Proof of identity, e.g. birth certificate/status card
3   Social Insurance Number
4.  Health Card including for spouse and/or any child/ren in your care
5.  Rental Receipts/Agreement
6.  Current hydro and propane/fuel bills
7.  Current Income Tax Assessment
8.  Ownership and insurance for vehicle
9.  Updated bank statement
10. Employment records, e.g. Record of Employment or pay stubs
11.  Any supports payment (Spousal or Child)

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