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Comprehensive Community Plan Mandate

Justice refers to the maintenance of harmony and balance among the members of the community through the prevention of crime, the mediation of conflicts in ways that are fair and the restoration of harmony in cases where offences have been committed or conflicts are under way.

Department Objectives:

  • Build stronger governance mechanisms
  • Collaborate with all departments on program development to ensure a holistic approach
  • Develop approaches to empowerment for a safer community
  • Circulate public educational information focused on equality rights (Indigenous rights; human rights; childrens rights; economic rights)


Our Team

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Brenda Young, LL.B
Community Justice Director

Brenda Young’s extension is 403

Community Justice Director

The Community Justice Director is responsible for executive level formulation and mobilization of a strategic plan related to the Justice Sector within the Comprehensive Community Plan. The Community Justice Director provides management leadership to all aspects of program development, implementation, and monitoring. The Community Justice Director ensures that the department is developed, continuously enhanced and managed in an effective and efficient manner guided by working knowledge of principles, theories, and practices of justice.

Garett Cloud

Garett Cloud
By-law Enforcement & Emergency Management Coordinator

By-Law Officer

The By-law Officer works within the Justice Department to establish a compliance function for COTTFN.  The key responsibilities include providing the community education & awareness about by-laws; protection for the community; and ensuring compliance

Andrea Young, B.A.
Kizhewaadziwin E-niigaanzijig Facilitator

Kizhewaadziwin E-niigaanzijig Facilitator

The Kizhewaadziwin E-niigaanzijig Facilitator is an integral component to the Conflict Transformation System area of the Justice Department.  The Kizhewaadziwin E-niigaanzijig Facilitator will guide individuals through a community based circle process of participatory decision making in a variety of areas to assist with resolution

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Violence Prevention Coordinator

The Violence Prevention Coordinator will implement the “Nwiikjitoonaa Wii-Zaagiding Program” incorporating the goals and strategies identified in the COTTFN Comprehensive Community Plan within four streams of concentration: Law Reform; Advocacy & Assistance; Education & Awareness; and Anti-bullying to foster positive progressive change.

Youth Justice Advocacy Coordinator

The Youth Justice Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for providing advocacy for youth on justice issues to ensure the human rights of youth are protected and lead to empowerment for youth by developing policies and programs that will be prevention focused models and youth-centered.

Heritage Centre 300 East River Road, Muncey, Ontario N0L1Y0

Community Justice Director Brenda Young  403
Violence Prevention Coordinator  405
Youth Justice Advocacy Coordinator  406
Kizhewaadziwin E-niigaanzijig Andrea Young
By-law Enforcement & Emergency Management Coordinator Garett Cloud  407

TELEPHONE: 519-488-1436 | WEBSITE:

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