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Jordan’s Principle

Jordan’s Principle 

Background Information 

Jordan’s Principle is a child first and needs based principle that started from the tragedy of Jordan River Anderson, a First Nations child from Norway House Cree Nation who was born with complex medical needs. While Jordan was waiting to be discharged from the hospital, the Province of Manitoba and the federal government argued over who should pay for his at home care. Jordan spent an additional two years unnecessarily in the hospital but, had he not been a First Nation child the care would have been paid for immediately. Jordan ended up dying in the hospital at five years old never having spent a day in his family home or First Nation. 

What is Jordan’s Principle? 

Jordan’s Principle aims to make sure that First Nation children can access all public services ordinarily available to other Canadian children without denials, delays, or disruptions related to their First Nation status. The government of first contact pays for services and will resolve any jurisdictional/payment disputes later upon successful requests.

Who can apply? 

-Parents or guardians caring for a First Nations child (up to 18 years old)
-A First Nations child 16-17 years old can apply themselves
-An authorized representative of the child, parent or guardian
-First Nation children living on and off reserve are eligible
-Either the child, parent or a guardian must have a registered status number

What kind of services does Jordan’s Principle cover?

Jordan’s Principle is applied to all public services including but not limited to social services, health services and educational services. 


How do I apply for Jordan’s Principle funding? 

Step 1. Connect

A request can be made for an individual or for a group of children. Requests are categorized in urgent and non-urgent, depending on the urgency of the request. You can make a request by: 

  1. Email or calling any member of the Jordan’s Principle Team at the Chippewa Health Centre (listed below). The team will help you through the request process and help you navigate the full scope of services that are available through Jordan’s Principle. 


Email Indigenous Services Canada for requests at , for payment inquiries at or call Indigenous Services Canada at (613 )618-1833. 


Step 2. Request Information 

All requests require: 

  1. Consent for the Jordan’s Principle Team to advocate for your child. 
  1. Name, date of birth, contact information and status number of the child (or parent). 
  1. Letter of support from a third party professional such as a health/social/educational professional etc., that identifies the need for funding. This should include a brief statement about the child’s history and unique needs.  

Step 3. Submit the Request 

A member of the Jordan’s Principle Team will submit the request on your behalf to Indigenous Services Canada and will assist you with the process upon approval or denial. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, the decision is not made by the Jordan’s Principle Team 

Step 4. Next Steps 

If your request is approved, we will get ahold of you immediately to go over the next steps of receiving your child’s successful request. It is mandatory that once you purchase/receive the requested item or service that you send us the receipt. 

If your request is denied, further discussions can be had whether you would like to appeal the decision. 

Meet The Jordan’s Principle Team for COTTFN

Image of Jennifer Nichol
Jennifer Nichol Jordan’s Principle Supervisor Email: Phone:519-289-5641 ext:258
Image of Beth Young
Beth Young Jordan’s Principle Family Support Worker Email: Phone: 519-289-5641 ext:260


Chippewa of the Thames Health Centre
322 Chippewa Road Muncey, Ontario N0L 1Y0 


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