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April 6 Statement

The Statement on the workplace violence is available to download as a PDF by clicking the button below.



Today we were made aware of an alleged incident which took place on Tuesday April 5th, 2022, involving a member of council and an administration employee.

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is committed to maintaining a safe workplace and environment that is free of violence, harassment, and threatening behaviour for all employees, clients, visitors, and membership – and takes reports of assault very seriously.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) did attend the administration office today and
took the statements of the member of council and the employee, along with the five witnesses regarding the alleged incident. The attending OPP constables concluded their investigation and determined that there was no basis to support the allegations of assault, nor any grounds for charges to be laid.

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation has taken steps to revamp its current violence and harassment policies to better reflect the new legislation requirements outlined in Bill C-65 and will continue to promote and foster a zero-tolerance for aggressive behaviour and the use of foul language.

This unfounded accusation has caused a feeling of instability in providing a safe work environment, and for the safety and wellbeing of staff – the administration office will be closed until April 11, 2022.

Members seeking services are invited to reach out to staff via the following listing:

General Inquiries/Reception/Administration
Text: 519-512-9964
Telephone: 519-289-5555 and leave a message

Interim Executive Administrator – Sheila Jaggard

Finance – Brenda French

Public Works – Allan Farrell

Housing – Tammy Deleary

Social Services – Danielle Grosbeck

Health – Kim Fisher

Council – Candace Doxtator

Chief, Jacqueline French has been apprised of this situation and will be in contact with Council.

In closing, together we must be committed to addressing the elimination of the internal violence and harassment and promote kindness towards one-another – especially during these difficult times.