What’s New (Updated April 27th/16)

  1. Tobacco Project Update for Off Reserve Members @ Delta Armouries in London April 28th 5-9pm
  2. COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE Solar Energy Centre April 30th/2016 from 11am-5pm
  3. Membership Engagement Meeting May 7th/2016 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm @ the COTTFN Community Centre
  4. Chippewas COTTFN Supreme Court Leave Granted Press Release
  5. Help support Chippewa in their Court Case GoFundMe.com/chippewas

Welcome to Chippewas of the Thames

Welcome! we are the Anishinaabeg of the territory of Deshkaan Ziibing, also known as Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. We call ourselves Anishinabek which means the original people. We are known as the Ojibway, which are a band of the Algonquin language family who originally migrated to the Great Lakes area from the north-eastern region of North America. Our political alliances are with the Odawa (Ottawa) and Bodaywadami (Pottawatomi) who together form the Three Fires Confederacy.
We are a forward thinking nation with a strong grasp of our traditional values. Through culture, heritage and continued education we are working towards a better future and towards being a self-governing First Nation. We are located on the north bank of the Thames River approximately 20 km southwest of London, Ontario. The majority of Southwestern Ontario is our modern traditional territory.

Please feel free to explore our website.

Miigwech, Chief White-Eye


If you are a member of COTTFN, please contact Beulah Kechego with your email or any updated address changes.

Email: beulah@cottfn.com Phone: 519-289-5555 x273