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Calling all squash lovers…

There is a huge field of beautiful large butternut squash at the southwest corner of Colonel Talbot Rd & Pack Rd in north Lambeth. According to “Farmer Kevin” they are finished harvesting the field as they have filled their quota for their contract with Kroger stores in the US, despite a large section of the field still being full of squash. The farmer plans to turn the squash under the dirt in approx 2 weeks time – what a waste of all of this food! He has given permission for residents to help themselves to the squash before this time. I’m trying to let as many people know as possible. Please share this information with as many family and friends who may be interested.

Our Language


Jerry – Boozhoo
Tom – Boozhoo


Jerry – Aaniish ezhinikaazayin?  What is your name?
Tom – Tom ndizhinikaaz.  My name is Tom.


Tom – Giin dash?  Aaniish e-zhinikaazayin? How about you?  What is your name?
Jerry – Jerry ndizhinikaaz. My name is Jerry



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